Welcome Brass Lovers!

Inspired by the most iconic trumpet artists of our times Ralf 'Big R' dedicated his musical talent to the beautiful gold and silver plated instruments and amazes his audience both with soft tones as well as crystal-clear and sharp-edged high note screams.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the trumpet!

I'm a trumpet & flugelhorn player, pianist and singer, arranger and music educator from Germany. I perform worldwide as a freelance musician and band leader and also tour the world as a headliner act for cruise ships and exclusive events.

'Big R' is a frequent sub in various Big Bands, orchestras and project bands and a sought-after studio recording artist. I also teach the trumpet, provide online clinics and host workshops. Whatever event or venue you're looking for - 'Big R' will provide a show that is sure to add the wow factor you're looking for.

I also offer remote online sessions for your album recordings. A convenient and less expensive way of adding horns to your recordings not requiring to book a studio and travel anymore.

Ralf Rotzek trumpet

Availability & booking

Rotzek trumpet show

  • Need a trumpet player for studio recordings or a live show?
  • Need a cruise or tour musician or a trumpet solo headliner act?
  • Would like to conduct an improvisation or band workshop?
  • Looking for a trumpet cabaret show with piano playing and singing, backed up by a up to 10-piece band?


For availability and booking inquiries please contact:


Ralf Rotzek trumpet